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Hypnosis CDs to Quit Smoking

Do hypnosis CDs to stop smoking really work? As with all issues you wish to resolve through hypnosis, they certainly can work if you're motivated to...

Weight Loss Hypnosis CDs

I mentioned in the post on hypnosis CDs that there are some issues where a personal CD or visit to a hypnotherapist is preferable to a mass-produced...

Hypnosis CDs - Do They Really Work?

Let me just say that I love hypnosis tapes and CDs. Of course, it depends on the person doing the tape/CD, but by and large I’ve really enjoyed the...

Hypnosis and Childhood Memories

Question: Can you utilize hypnosis to bring up childhood memories? Answer: Well, sure you can, but don't take everything that comes up...

Hypnosis: What it's Not!

Someone asked me the other day if it was possible to hypnotize yourself to become a genius. I said yes and no. If you’re a genius not living up...

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