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We are 2 friends who decided to blog about our weightloss journey. We are having a blast creating a huge support network and we are keeping it real. Sharing our ups and downs, recipes, fabulous info. from our healthy friends and motivational weight loss stories. We are no experts , but we have... Full Bio
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They can take my Fattie but not my Spirit!

As you may know I have had issues with being hacked on this blog.  So I came to a decision and am going to shut down The Fabulous...

What world do you live in?

This morning I am sitting here exhausted from another week of training for the sprint triathlon.  It ROCKS!  Tomorrow is my easy day and...

Help we need a team name!!!!

Okay so now that I have decided to do a triathlon my friends and I need a team name!   HELP HELP HELP!!!!  Do you have any ideas?  I...

Life is a garden…dig it!

Now comes the time for you to seriously consider what lies ahead. Now you must sit down with yourself and think about the reality of...

The fitness bug is Contagious!

Did you know that kids can get the fitness bug?  I have caught it and I know friends who have caught it but I have never seen a group of 10...
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Jun 30 2009 by The Fit Mission

Hello followed you from you new website. I love it. The only was there is no RSS feed. I know for our website it was going be a big deal but didn't know if you guys were going to get one?

The fit mission


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