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Fictitious cures run amuck for stds by Author Debbie Nicholson Snake oil salesmen alive and well promoting cures for stds Quackery is the promotion of a medical remedy that does not work or has been proven to work. From fake medic ... Read on »
Is the HIV/AIDS epidemic close to an end? by Author Debbie Nicholson Researchers examine promising cures to end the global epidemic HIV/AIDS has remained on the top ten leading causes of death worldwide during the last ten years accord ... Read on »
Expedited Partner Therapy can it lower the numbers? by Author Debbie Nicholson   Expedited Partner Therapy (EPT) is the practice of treating sex partners of persons with STDs in the absence of medical evaluation or prevention counseling. Research s ... Read on »
Heart problems linked to sexually transmitted diseases by Author Debbie Nicholson Stroke, heart valve disease and cardiovascular events can stem from STDs The term "heart disease" refers to several types of heart conditions. The most common type in th ... Read on »
Unfamiliar STDs still present by Author Debbie Nicholson Very common sexually transmitted disease unheard of by many Information floods societies with sexually transmitted diseases of syphilis, herpes, AiDS/HIV among others ho ... Read on »
Alternative approach to STD’s by Author Debbie Nicholson  Some CAM therapies can help treat specific STDs, including human papilloma virus and herpes viral infections.   CAM therapies is widespread in many chronic illn ... Read on »
Suffering from brain fog? It may be due to an STD by Author Debbie Nicholson Confusion, forgetfulness and even dementia can stem from herpes, hepatitis and even HIV Are you having trouble remembering things, making decisions or having hard time ... Read on »
Can HPV vaccinated individuals help prevent the transfer of HPV to unvaccinated by Author Debbie Nicholson A new study sets out to determine if the vaccine is effective in reducing transmission HPV infections are the most common sexually transmitted infections in the United ... Read on »
Finding Right Manchester Escorts by Cheshire C. Facebook The purpose of most of the escorts is same and they often love top serve their clients with lots of love and happiness. Many people travelling to Manchester is always lookin ... Read on »
The Bold and Beautiful Escorts of Manchester by Any S. Facebook There are plenty of beautiful mates to choose from when it comes to spending your nights in Britain. Their expertise and skills in making love is guaranteed! Escorts Man ... Read on »