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Whether i have stds or not?

Posted by dev

i had homo sex 4 years before, after that nearly 3 times i tested for HIV all the time negative.i don't have any symptoms also, but for the past 1 year i having sometimes irritation and burning sensation in the penis mainly in urethra.(After that instant i don't have any affair).Again i tested (1 month ago) for HIV Ag/Ab (Elisa) ,HBs Ag,HCv Ab (Elisa),VDRL all negative.But i still not fullfilled.I am doing too much of masturbation for the past 3 years not even a month i didn't stop the masturbation,sometimes if i didn't do for 10 days means there was no irritations ,but i have done masturbation means for next 4 days the symptoms prevails.pls help me.
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I would get an std test. You may have an STD. I would get tested very soon. There are a couple of websites you can go to and get tested without having to go to the doctor and pay all the doctor's fees. One is and the other is They both are really reliable places to get std tests.
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