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What Are The Causes of Male Impotence?

Posted Apr 22 2013 11:27am

Erectile dysfunction also known as impotence is the condition wherein a man cannot get an erection or sustain an erected penis during sexual contact. Sex plays a major role in every couple's life. Hence, not having sex for this reason can definitely cause problems and issues between partners. Impotence can also cause depleted confidence among men. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to treat this condition today. But in order to find the best treatment option for you, the cause must be determined.

Male Impotence Causes

Included in the male impotence causes are the following:

  • Medical condition - Impotence may be cause by some medical conditions you have. Diabetes is one of the main culprits of impotence. This condition can damage your nerve and artery which has an effect on erection. Kidney disease can also result to erectile dysfunction. Neurological and vascular diseases can also affect your erection. The treatment procedures for prostate cancer which include radiation can also cause impotence.
  • Surgical Procedures - There are some surgical procedures that may affect the nerves connected to your penis which stimulates erection thus, resulting to impotence. These surgeries include those that are administered in order to cure diseases particularly that of prostate and bladder cancer.
  • Injuries - Injuries particularly to the spinal cord, penis, bladder and pelvis may require treatment procedure that can cause impotence.
  • Hormonal imbalance - One of the most common male impotence causes is hormonal imbalance. The hormones that play a huge part in the sexual stimulation of a man includes testosterone, prolactin and thyroid hormones. Having low or too much amount of these hormones in your body can result to erectile dysfunction.
  • Prescription medicine - Some medicines especially those that are prescribed for severe or acute illnesses can cause erectile dysfunction. Statistics show that over 200 kinds of prescription medicines have a negative effect on men's sexual health.
  • Smoking - Men always ignore the bad effects of smoking tobacco. That's unfortunate because smoking can also kill your sex life. Not only that it has an effect on your desire or urge to have sex but it can also cause impotence.
  • Aging - It is a known fact that impotence is associated with aging.
Impotence can change the life of a man. What used to be a fun and healthy sexual life could be a bomb waiting to explode especially if your partner wants quality and passionate lovemaking. Erectile dysfunction can happen to any man particularly those that don't know how to take care of their body. Being a man takes a lot of responsibility and one of this is to maintain a healthy sexual life not only because it'll benefit him but it will also make his partner satisfied thus, making the relationship stronger.
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