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urinary tract infection, contagious?

Posted by Letra

  I wanted to put it out there so I can get some insight before I confront this guy. I've only been involved with this individual for a short time. We've already had intercourse previously but I had to leave and go back to NY for like 3 weeks so upon my return I noticed he was avoiding me by saying he was really busy and things like that. Long story short he tells me he has a UTI so we won't be able to have sex, that was 7days ago. My question is if he does have one why did he bring up another female getting checked too and if its only a UTI why can't we have protected sex or whatever. I feel he's telling only half truths so that's why I threw this out there so I can get "THE BUSINESS" on what youguys think before I confront him. Maybe he is teling the truth maybe not.
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