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possible STI

Posted Apr 09 2009 7:43pm
So I have been married for two years now and about ten months ago my husband slept with a girl. I got never got checked for any possible STI's because I only found out recently. I did have a urinalysis three months ago, because I had a miscarriage, and never went back to get the results. I just couldn't afford it. But I have been having strange pains near my bladder and I thought I was pregnant because my breasts were extreamly sore and I was getting nausious. Well upon taking two tests found I am not. I went to do some research on the internet and saw others had similar symptoms to mine and saw that they had been infected with Chlamydia... SCARY that would mean that I would have had it for ten months now! On my urinalysis it said one thing I couldnt figure out...Bacteria 1+/hpf A. The normal result should be None... Does anyone know what this might mean and possibly help me figure it out!?? And please dont post anything mean I have had bad experiences with this in the past few days. I just need help without going to the DR.
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