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Is the bump on my genital area from an std?

Posted by loving_me&mine

I went to the clinic about 3 maybe 4 weeks ago and was diagnosised with having Trich, I was treated for it the same day and my bf was treated for it that Thursday when he got back in town. He went to the clinic and say they only took a urine sample from him and some blood and he got his test results back this week and they told him he didn't have anything. I find that very impossible b/c I havn't been with anyone but him for over a year and if he has been sleeping with me and I have it then he has it too. But since I've been treated I have not had sex at all, but I have a bump on my genital area. It started off just sore(not a sore but it was sore) and then it started forming into a bump. It is on the bottom of the right lip of my vagina, so I can't see it. I don't have a mirror to look at it so I am not sure what it looks like. It does not feel like a rash though. It did seem to have formed into a head about 2 nights ago. I think I scratched it and burst it one night. It is actually starting to go away now. But every month when it is time for my cycle I get a bump either at the top of my butt crack or on my vagina and it has been like that for about a year but all my test has come back negative so I didn't worry much about it. I just thought it became a routine with my body. My doctor never said anything about it either. Before I was going to the clinic I was going to an OBGYN. I also have a mirena. The real question is should I go back to be looked at and tested by the clinic again although I have not had sex or is this just a boil or hair follicle? I think it is a possibility it could be a hair follicle because last month I did shave all of my hair off down there and has not shaved again and I have been sweating alot down there. So any advice is better than none.
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if you're still feeling the bump, you might want to ask your docotr next time it appears. It seems that you've been getting tested regularly, and that you've been going to the docotr often to check your health, so it's hard to say what it might be.

 It is possible that it could be a hair follicle or some form of acne, but it's better to have it looked at and tested to be on the safe side.  

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