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i think i have a UTI or bladder infection and my bf has a yeast infection!! help!!

Posted Oct 30 2009 10:48pm

my bf and i had sex like 2 weeks ago during sex i was towards the end of my period. He ejaculated inside me alittle. during sex i was in massive pain, felt like my bladder was being punctured, couldnt do alot of positions out of severe discomfort. we had a lot of sex in a 3 day span. i got home and 2 days later i was bleeding when i urinated and felt a strong pinching feeling on my bladder at the end of stream. absolutely no burning and no itching just a weird pinching feeling in my bladder. 2 days later i stopped bleeding but still felt the uncomfortable feeling at the end of my urine session. now a week later, ive been taking herbs and the pain has intensified and i have to pee all the time. with a little burn if i dont pee right away. Now my bf is saying the head of penis under the skin (since he is uncircumsized) is feeling itchy. Im not feeling itchy though. he is also saying his lymph nodes are now swollen! Please help me, im very concerned. im wondering if its a UTI or bladder infection and b/c we had sex on my period i gave him a mild yeast infection or something of that nature. thats the least of my worries.  by the way i just saw his penis and it looks like similar pics on the net of yeast infections.  no bumps or sores just a little red at the head.

i havent had a STD screening in a little over a year. for the most part i had protected myself from previous partners. and before taht i had a bf of 2 yrs. my bf is the only person ive slept with this whole year. and he has said he has gotten checked and all tests came out negative but that was before we had unprotected sex. the first time we had a little unprotected sex months earlier and all his tests were negative and no pains or itches. i dont have health insurance or the funds for a few months. plz help relieve the stress with some responses please. i really appreciate it. i just hope its nothing serious.

(ps. we both experience lack of sleep and stress) i dont know if it has to do with our immune systems being down letting infection in or sex on my period pushing bacteria through my really really concerned, help! thank you

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