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i have little brown bumps on the roof of my mouth and on the inner lineing of my vigina lips is there an std that could cause t

Posted by lumpy

i went to the gyn and she didnt really do anything she just luaghed cuz i was asking her about the bumps and she said you spend alot of time down there.she did my pap really fast so idk if there is or isnt anything wrong with me i have a soar throat lumps in my through and my lower throat does hurt i do not have clusters of bumps but a coule of big ones and some flat white ones that are not canker saors. i did perform oral sex 2 1/2 mounths ago and are just now getting symtoms of soar throat. again i have thick sticky brownish mucus and very sticky clear mucus in my throat along with lumps that are red and pink my throat hurts on second and does not the next. i also have the little brown bumps on the froof of my mouth. please help.
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This question may be better answered if posted in the STD community. You may want to find a different gynecologist, and make sure they check for STDs. 
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