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I got treated for chlamydia but still have a swollen lymph node, is something wrong?

Posted by michman905

I got treated for chlamydia a month ago and then got tested again and the tests came back negative. All of my symptoms are gone except I still have a swollen lymph node to the right of my pubic region. Is there something wrong? Should I go back to the doctor? It isn't annoying at all but I still feel it there. Is this normal?
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Well chlamydia can cause Lymphogranuloma venereum which is basically a swollen lymph node. It usually occurs in the groin area and appears If you're really sure that the node is swollen, have a doctor check it out. If it turns out to be LGV, they may have to drain it for you, but if it's not at least you'll know. Hopefully it's not serious though. Good luck

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