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How does a 2-year-old contract gonorrhea?

Posted by lauren

Sorry if I duplicated - I posted as question and now as topic. (really trying to find the answer.)

In 1931 my 2-year-old mother woke up in the Chicago county hospital with severe gonorrhea.  She was hospitalized for 6 months - no visitors - including Christmas.  (This story breaks my heart.)  My grandmother was a recent non-english-speaking Hungarian immigrant who lived in the slums sharing a one-room tenement with several strange families.  No toilet/tub/shower, rats (one chewed the fingers of another infant.)  I suspect my mother contracted gonorrhea by either: 1) thru my grandmother at birth (perhaps my grandmother had to resort to prostitution during the depression - or perhaps my grandmother contracted thru my mother's father?  -yet my grandfather tested negative at the time which is why he was given custody; or 2) by being raped as an infant (my grandmother would go to work and leave my mother with these strangers.)  Note my grandmother lost custody over this (to my abusive german grandfather - used to torture animals) and my mother didn't see her mother again until age 8 when she won back custody - due to neglect by my grandfather. 

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With the time frame that you've mentioned it is possible that one of the parents may have acquired gonorrhea.  There was not widespread availability of antibiotics at the time so it likely went untreated. As mentioned above it can be passed easily from mother to child during vaginal delivery.
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