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How can you catch an STD?

Posted by Be Well

How can you catch an STD?
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If a person has a sexually transmitted infection (STD), it may be passed on to their partner during sexual contact. STDs can be passed on regardless of your age or sexuality.

Different infections are spread in different ways, but many are usually passed on through sexual intercourse, such as vaginal, anal or even oral sex, as in the case of herpes. Even if a man does not ejaculate during sexual intercourse, you can still catch an STD if they are infected.

It is also possible to contract an STD without having full sex; many STDs can be passed on just through genital contact, such as when the penis touches the vagina or anus. Sharing sex toys can spread STDs in the same way.

Some STDs, such as pubic lice, can be passed on through skin contact alone, or by sharing towels or flannels.

The best way to avoid catching an STD is to always use a barrier method of contraception (such as the male condom) even during oral sex.

If you think you may have an STD, visit your doctor, or a local STD clinic for a sexual health check.

Many people are infected with STDs so if you think you may have one get tested and don't spread it around.
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