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Genital herpes

Posted by FIVESTAR473

About one week ago I  had protected sex with a girl that later told me she had type 1 herpes.  Like I said, I used a condom but she did shortly perform oral sex but it was very brief but kind of harsh.  Now, a week after I have what looks like black blood blisters on an a red irritated area on the shaft of my penis near the bottom of the head. These things are not pink, red or clear but deep purplish or black and are sensitive to touch.  The area is itchy and slightly swollen.  It has been one week since intercourse and five days since i've noticed the bumps/blisters and they have not burst. I have noticed a slight swelling of my groin on the same side as this irritation.  I no not feel any flu like symptoms.  There is no pain in urination nor any discharge.  Are these dark bump/blisters herpes?  I'm planning for the worst and totally freaked out.  Any help?  
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