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Do I Have An STD?!

Posted by hjwatkins4

I'm in my 19th week of pregnancy, and have been facing a barrage of symptoms lately. Yesterday, I finally went to the ER for a sore throat that had gotten worse after 3 days. For the first couple of days, it hurt to talk after a long period of time. Then it was extremely hard for me to swallow anything, including drinking water. When the doctor initially took a look at it, he knew that I had strep throat, but needed to know for sure by doing a strep test. I took the test which came back negative, and the doctor told me that I had tonsilitis. He seemed puzzled himself to what was wrong with me. Instead, he gave me a perscription for this magical mouthwash, that doesn't work at all. It numbed everything in my mouth except my throat. However, this morning when I woke up, my vaginal area started hurting when I sat down, closed my legs and stood up with my legs together. I automatically assumed it was from wearing snug panties overnight. I took a shower, and when I went to wipe my vaginal area, I yelped because of the pain. I quickly got out the shower, and went to look in the mirror to see what could hurt so bad. When I finally got into a posistion that I could see, I noticed a cluster of white bumps in between my vagina and anus. The small white bumps are extremely painful now, til the point where I can't wear any underwear, or jeans. I looked up my symptoms on, and automatically genetal warts came as the answer. Could it be, that I have an STD? I have only had 1 sex partner (my husband) for the past 2 years. He swears to God that he hasn't cheated and slept with anyone else either. What could those small white painful bumps be?

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