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CSM has left a lasting artistic scene in Holborn

Posted Dec 26 2012 10:08am
Holborn is a bit misunderstood. People think it’s dull because it lacks the big landmarks of other regions. Gray’s Inn and Sainsbury’s headquarters hardly tantalise tourists and for many Londoners it’s just a place to be passed through on the way to somewhere more exciting.

They don’t know what they’re missing! Holborn was once an obvious hub of vibrant energy.  Like neighbouring Soho, it’s undergone something of a transformation recently, with many of the more exotic shops being replaced by chain brands and pretentious boutiques. Beneath that dour exterior though, lurks a forgotten world. It’s one of artistry and experimentation, where the weird and the wonderful mingle, the sort of place where you find company with one of the best Holborn escorts and take a surreal stroll through what feels like another world.

For years, Holborn was the site of one of Europe’s most prestigious and creative art schools: Central Saint Martins. You only have to glance at the alumni list and at the artists on show during London fashion week to realise the tremendous impact that the school has on the creative arts. CSM was well known for its experimental approach to teaching, with students encouraged to express themselves everywhere from the school’s classroom to the white walls begging to be graffitied. Although they’re in the process of moving to King’s Cross, the legacy of CSM is a vibrant and wacky art scene that results in regular indie exhibits, street performances and coffee driven poetry readings. It’s really worth a look as it regularly produces pieces of incredible quality that you’d never see otherwise.

If that’s not crazy enough for you, or perhaps it’s just a little bit too pretentious, then don’t despair, the Hunterian Museum will certainly provide you with a few shocks. Among the many fascinating exhibits you can expect to find preserved examples of tissue and bone, 8ft tall human skeletons and everything in between.. What separates it from the bog standard medical museum is its curious collection of the truly bizarre. A tour of medicine throughout the ages unearths some pretty odd implements and some even weirder treatments. 

The John Soane Museum isn’t quite as weird. It’s still very free, very experimental with its curatory, but it focuses on giving a different take on more traditional subjects like ancient civilisations. The museum is packed to the rafters with curiosities and the whole place is rather unorganised and haphazard, but it places the impetus on the visitor to create their own tour and explore what interests them, rather than forcing them to follow the chronological approach that tends to make other museums rather stuffy. If you’re in need of a companion, Holborn escorts make the perfect partners for these experimental exhibits as the museum favours a slow, relaxed pace, the sort of walk you’ll want to make arm in arm with a beautiful woman. You’ll definitely need to someone to talk to about all the interesting sights on show too, so don’t come alone!

  It all makes for a wacky, fun filled afternoon of slightly bemusing entertainment. The one thing that can be guaranteed though, is that you’ll walk away from Holborn with a smile on your face and a head full of new ideas.

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