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Buy Pico Projector to Watch Movie with Your iPad iPhone iPod

Posted Oct 31 2011 3:49am

Apple is a monument of all digital products, and admired by the world. Undoubtedly, the newest  iPhone 4S  is powerful. However, the software enhancement can't improve the hardware parameters and functions. Thus, Apple accessories are rolling out all the time. In the emerging types of accessories,  video projectors  are rarely.

apple products projectors Forestall, as for the second generation of the world's first folding projectors, MiLi Power Pico Projector 2 is exactly in its size to fit iPhone and iPod. But people feel the novelty value of this pico projector doesn't necessarily outweigh the high cost, so, it's unaffordable for those who are not in the habit of splash out.

Yet today, in order to meet the requirement of the public. Wholesale electronics supplier TradingMic.Com releases a  mini projector  special for Apple iPad/iPod/iPhone 4 & 3GS. The operation menu i-Products can be shown in the screen while connecting the pico projector with them. Only owning the projector, there is no need for external audio or AV cable. Besides, instead of Apple's standard charger, just an ordinary charger can charge for Apple products.

It is because of the iPod's simple design, suddenly, many are wearing the white earbuds to enjoy their favorite music. Have you image that a portable projector comes in handy used for iPod? If so, make your music video is no longer fiction. Here, TradingMic tells you it not a dream. This  best projector  from China wholesaler TradingMic.Com will make people share multimedia information with each others. Simply connect it with your iPhone or iPod, pictures and movies can be projected on the screen or wall, which provides a broader visual field and entertaiment enjoyment. In short, it can make your music become video, and make your video become movie, simple and affordable.

As for iPad users, most of them buy it for working, documents in the mobile phones or APad are not big enough for a bunch of people to see it, too cramped to meet the needs of different perspectives. Therefore, it need to cast the content to a larger screen through a special iPad pico projectors. Meanwhile, when at home, turn off the lights, in the dark room, it is a portable way to make a home theater  for your friends or families.

In addition to the specialized pico projectors for Apple products. Wholesaler TradingMic.Com have released  projector smartphone  for personal use. Whether for mini projectors or mobile phones with projector, China electronics wholesale online shop TradingMic.Com will provide you the most affordable price to win the highest quality products.

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