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Any professional advice? Or any advice at all? PLEASE READ FULLY

Posted Jun 06 2010 7:58pm

I have posted this on another medical forum...and the doctor said I was basically low-risk...but he didn't answer as to whether or not I was able to have unprotected oral (give and receive) seeing that me and my new partner are free from all other STD's. Keep in mind, I am a gay male.

 He also said that he doesn't think this is warts, because they disappeared so quickly...and stated that it doesn't appear to me herpes either.


1) I was recently with a man and upon going down there, I noticed what seemed to be  genital warts  on his anal area. I licked the anus before I noticed this though...however; about 2 weeks later, all of this was gone and the anus looked I performed rimming oral again, and have done so since...this is my question...does this sound like warts? It went away quite fast, but he could have had it for a long time before I encountered him...he says he has never noticed them. 

2) We did have penetrative  sex, but this was protected...however, if I did rub my  penis  (w/o  condom ) near or around his anus while there were not visible warts...what is my risk of contracting the virus? 

3) If I touched the visible warts with my  hand, then touched my  penis...could I contract the virus this way? 

4) We did cuddle naked and layed down next to each other and my penis would of course touch his buttocks, what are the chances of contracting the virus? Also, is the virus contained in semen? 

5) We did have unprotected oral sex...but there were no warts present on his penis.

6) I have enlarged papillae on my tongue, which I know are normal...however; I have noticed different texture in the tongue surface around them...which has decreased over time...I am not sure if this is HPV scare or am I just worrying myself to death? Also...the back of my throat feels heavy sometimes. 

7) My lips and tongue sometimes burn since being with this guy, and am worried that this is HPV concern or  symptom


I didn't write the following on the other page b/c I didn't remember it until now.

--Upong trying to put the condom on me, he sat on my pubic region...but he had no "warts" present at this time, but I do have a small lesion in this area that I doubt is a wart, but could be a possibility... 

 --I did slap his butt with my penis, and dry humped penis probably came into direct contact with his anus (where the what i think are warts were present...but not at this time) 

I know ORAL HPV is rare, but still possible. I am getting into a relationship with a new man and want to be able to kiss him and perform oral unprotected on him and vice versa..but am not sure if this is safe...please help doc.   Post

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