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Am I experiencing a side effect of HPV Vaccine?

Posted by darlen0113

I have had the 2nd dose of the HPV vaccine 3days ago and since yesterday, i have been having vaginal discharges that are brown, odorless, and very similar to beginning menstruation. I recall that I have experienced the same during the first HPV dose given to me a month ago. Is this only a side effect of the vaccine? Or is it something I should worry about?

Hoping for you immediate reply.. Thanks..

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Sorry that I am unable to give you an answer, but I was relieved to hear that someone else is experiencing the same side effects. I never went back for the third shot after realising it was causing me pain and bleeding as you described. It has been a year now and I am still seeing no signs of these reactions beginning to ease. The GP's have reassured me that it's impossible for the HPV to give me these side-effects, however, since the second shot I have been dosed up on pain-killers, high strength birth control pills to try to counter-act the bleeding, tested for cancer, had my uterus blown up (not literally) and camera popped in, biopsies, ultrasounds etc... and still no diagnosis. I wish the best for you and hope that someone is able to answer the question for us.
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