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Seth Roberts .. Doctor of Philosophy

Specialty: Experimental Psychology
Berkeley, California
I'm the author of The Shangri-La Diet and a professor emeritus of psychology at UC Berkeley. I am writing a book about self-experimentation tentatively titled The Science of One based on this paper: I like Chinese food, food tastings, Michelle... Full Bio
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Seth Roberts Memorial Talks

Ancestral Health Society will have a series of public talks honoring Seth’s life and work will be held at UC Berkeley on August 10th, 9am –...

How Little We Know: Big Gaps in Psychology and Economics

Seth’s final paper “How Little We Know: Big Gaps in Psychology and Economics” is published in a special issue of the International Journal...

Cause of Death

Hello, this is Seth’s mother Justine. I’d like to offer what little information I have to try to answer some of the questions that were...


Hello, this is Seth’s sister, Amy, with the sad news that Seth died on Saturday, April 26, 2014. He collapsed while hiking near his home...

Journal of Personal Science: Omega-3 and ADHD (Part 2 of 2)

My story of omega 3 and self-experimentation did not end with my wife and her pregnancy. As I mentioned, I discovered the paleo diet,...
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