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Seth M.

San Francisco, California
I love the outdoors, I love adrenaline, I love the Bay Area and I am psyched Wellsphere has been created to help me enjoy all of these! To give a sense of my experience/qualifications (in the remote chance anyone wonders if I am really as inexperienced as I sound): I run 15-20 miles and road bike 35-45 miles a week for fun and exercise, preferably in the hills of Marin. I have done 8 triathlons (4 long course and 4 oly) including Wildflower the past 4 years. I have done a bunch of fun... Full Bio
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what has worked for me. by Seth M. 1 Comment Posted in: General Discussion in Weight loss I love fat - butter, cheese, BACON (!). But I took a cue from a friend who avoids fat like it's the plague. I'm not that extreme. I simply stopped having cheese in my weeke ... Read on »
Looking for advice on rehabbing a separated shoulder by Seth M. 5 Comments Posted in: General Discussion in Exercise I separated my shoulder in a bike crash back in mid October. It is a level one separation, so no surgery is required. 2 days after my trip to the ER, an Ortho Surgeon told m ... Read on »
Trail run to the city of the gods by Seth M. 1 Comment Posted in: General Discussion in Exercise OK,a little dramatic in the title. But really this run takes you to the top of the highest or 2nd highest hill in the Headlands. Great views all around. Start in the parkin ... Read on »