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I am a very ambitious person. I have a die hard passion for doing epilepsy awareness work. I have lived with epilepsy almost all my life. Went through lots of hard knocks, rejections and bitterness. Whoa la...! My struggles had molded and transformed me from a weakling to a gutsy person with a... Full Bio
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Sep 08 2011 by See Kim W.

Ahem.... Gong xi fa cai :-)


How are you? Hope all is great in the year of the rabbit, lots of good health and wealth :)



Oct 10 2010 by Pitry B.

Ni serene, u have a FB account?

My FB accpunt: Pitry Bahrim

I have Epilepsy also

Dec 19 2009 by See Kim W.
Congrats Serene, you won again :-)
Nov 19 2009 by rajesh moganti
Hi friend!

I know the contest is pretty funny, but I would love to win Wellsphere's Health Blogger Award
I would appreciate it if you could cast a vote for me and I guarentee you that you will like my blog 100%
Nov 09 2009 by See Kim W.
By joining now without informing your friends you will find out if the extra attention to your blog comes/came from your extra work or from putting the contest banner up. Let me know which one worked best and have a great day!
Nov 09 2009 by See Kim W.
I learned last year that - at least for me - there is no winning in competing other health bloggers that are doing the job healthcare should be doing. Have a great day!
Feb 13 2009 by Kathleen D.

Hi Serene,

I really enjoy reading about your conscientious activism. Keep up the good work!


Feb 02 2009 by See Kim W.
C 3 :-)
Feb 02 2009 by See Kim W.
C 2...
Feb 02 2009 by See Kim W.
C Mail :-)