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my name is seranda. currently a military spouse to a marine stationed in okinawa. im here in the states, and attending college to get my paralegal degree, and then off to law school. i grew up in a small town, and i still remain that girl next door, whose extremely country. lately however, my health seems to be against me, and at my age, thats not appropriate. in may i had 13 seizures in an hour and a half, i was never diagnosed, two weeks after, i was diagnosed with mono. when i was 7, i was... Full Bio
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severe hip pain, numbness and tingling in BOTH feet

i have, for a month now, had severe hip pain. it began with my right hip, progressed to my left, and now i have a numb, tingling feeling in both of...

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Aug 07 2009 by jqfong
I had pain in my right gluteus going down to tingling in my right toe.  I've been going to a great chiropractor in SF and it is now gone for the most part.  95% healed.  Took a while though.  5-6 months.

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