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See Kim W.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Father passed away with secondary liver cancer.   We dedicate our blog to keep father's positive energy available for all in need of support.   Join our team where we will do the same:   sharing our cancer stories so you know you are not alone walking the difficult road paved with cancer.    
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Sep 11 2011 by See Kim W.

Hi Serene,


It's me who was late finding/seeing your message, sorry for that. Thanks, I am doing fine.


What do the doctors say about your heel?


Have a nice weekend :) 

Sep 09 2011 by Serene L.
Hi See Kim.  I got a msg fr u yesterday.  I m guessing u must hv written this msg to me duriing the CNY this year. I said that is becos U wished me Gong Xi Fa Cai.  I hv a feeling Wellsphere has been late in sending yr msg to me.  Anyway, its good to hear from u. How r u? I'm well except for my heel pain. I hv this heel pain since June last year.  The pain had crippled my ability to walk well but recently I hv been able to walk better despite the pain which has reduced over time.
Feb 02 2011 by Serene L.

Hi Kim,

This Rabbit New Year, I wish you and your family a robustful year filled with good health, joy and smiles.


Serene L - epilepsy & seizures

Jul 05 2010 by yusuf
hi kim i havent been active on this web site due to syudies .i am trying to get back to reading your white board and just trying to get back to a commuity comunication process. hope you  are okay and in good spirits. regards yusuf.
Jul 05 2010 by See Kim W.

Thanks Serene :-) Voting is a fun game but energy should be spend on caring more for people than for votes.


Wellsphere is a triving community with a mailing list, which can be easier used to introduce good blogs to other members, easier than us trying to beat each other with a contest, as at the end of the day we are all in the same boat.

Have a great day :-)


Dec 25 2009 by Serene L.

Thks.  I did not inform my friends about voting for my blog. My blog won the best category award solely because of my siblings' support.  Two of my sisters helped spread words about my blog and got their friends to vote for it.  Ultimately, great and full support always come from family members first before coming from friends. Wishing U and yr family a Blessed Christmas and good health always.

Nov 19 2009 by rajesh moganti
Hi friend! I know the contest is pretty funny, but I would love to win Wellsphere's Health Blogger Award I would appreciate it if you could cast a vote for me and I guarentee you that you will like my blog 100%
Nov 10 2009 by Serene L.

I can tell you by now more or less how the response to my blog is without having informed my friends about it. Currently my no. of votes stand at 11. Hahahaha......a very pathetic 11 votes but never mind.  I sort of expected the poor response cos somehow people tend not to be inclined to take their time to vote.  They will probably scroll through my blog which is already good enough.

Nov 09 2009 by Sharon LaMothe

Thank you Kim for the vote! Have a great week!


Nov 09 2009 by Serene L.
What you said is true and I agree which is why I am joining this second round of voting for participation sake only.  I did not even inform any of my friends anymore about this second round of voting.  I joined so as to engage the type of response my blog will get out of curiosity.  Wishing you happiness and wellness always.