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monticello, Kentucky
married, mother of two, suffer from bi-polar disorder, ptsd, borderline personality disorder, severe anxiety, meds- topomax, efexxor, xanax, lamactical. been diagnosised for over 5 yrs. unable to work because of illnesses. Worked 25 yrs before diagnosis.Have tried lithium [went from 106 to 140 lbs in 4 wks] respideral, ambilfy, serequel, almost every medication out there. Nothing rids me of the illness, just makes the days more bearable. Have been hospitalized once.
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Apr 09 2010 by kyred72
I hate to hear about your illnes.  I know when I get sick it puts me in jeopardy of crashing.  The more I lay the more I lay.  When I started accepting my illness and stopped worrying about what people thought it freed up time to discover myself.  It is easier to ward off mood swings if you can identify them early.  Don't get me wrong, it wasn't easy.   Keep your head up and don't shut people out.  Your husband should be your strongest advocate, educate him  :) it's Friday!
Apr 04 2010 by kyred72
I have found that people that don't have BPD don't understand.  It doesn't mean they don't care. they just don't know what to say.  I had great support from friends and family and then I had a the  In-laws that called me everything from crazy to lazy to loon.  The more you talk about it the more comfortable you become with it.  Once you accept it, others will. read my story
Feb 16 2010 by Jennifer L.

Hi Searching, 

My name is Jennifer and I am a part of Wellpshere's community team and I would like to welcome you to Wellsphere!

It's a great place to get answers as well as share your health and healthy living experiences. Feel free to ask/answer questions, leave comments on interesting blog posts, set goals to work towards, and make new friends! Hope your doing well in Kentucky!

If you ever need need help, don't hesitate to send me a message. Have fun!