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History Of Energy Gardens

Before I begin writing about energy gardens, it is incredibly helpful to understand what they are, what they aren’t, and their level of...

DIY Ideas: Coffee Tables And More From Wood Or Metal Scraps

Wood or metal scraps can inspire your creative side Since I have been writing about using repurposed wood or metal scraps, I thought this was as...

DIY Tips Repurposing Scrap Wood In The Garden

It doesn’t take much looking to find an abundant stock of scrap wood to use in a number of settings. Start your list with this usable material,...

Home Improvement Lists: Best Tankless Water Heaters & How They Work

Purchasing a tankless water heater is a solid idea for many homeowners wanting to improve their green footprint. Instead of keeping the gas or...

Lisa Joan Overholt Explains the Importance of Building Community Engagement

Lisa Joan Overholt explains how community building is helpful for environmental engagement The post appeared first on .
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