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Eureka, California
In 1994, after a lifetime of obesity, Scott “Q” Marcus lost 70 pounds and assists people and organizations who are tired of making promises they have continually broken but are ready to change. Get involved or contact him at . You can also find him at or on twitter @ThisTimeIMeanIt. Plan to celebrate the first eveer “This Time I Mean It Day,” a tribute to our personal successes, on February 15 (more info at the site)
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You just never know

Early morning routine: Jack, my dog, and I are taking our walk. His leash is in my hand, my headphones are clamped over my ears; I am absorbed in...

Who do you think you are?

I have a very unassuming, quick-thinking question. Don’t ponder the answer; just blurt it out. Ready? (Um, that’s not the question.) Here we go:...

How Your Emotions Can Affect Long-Term Change

Between the covers of the business book currently on my nightstand, the author devotes few pages to discussing cash flow or spreadsheets, while much...

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Apr 05 2008 by KaliTime C.

"The Positive (Not Too Serious) Side of Being Sick"


Nice article. Thanks for posting it. :o)