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Wise words

Posted Nov 09 2012 12:00am
I was watching Rachel Maddow the other night when she said this. And I loved it. But when she got to the part about "FEMA is not building concentration camps in the United States" I was really disturbed for a moment. I had to pause and say to myself, "right, FEMA is NOT building concentration camps, and yes, you thought that, and yes you also read that on the internet years ago, and no it was never, ever true....." but it really scared me, to hear her say that, because this kind of thing, well, nobody ever talks about it. Usually when I tell people, if I ever tell anyone, "I used to think that I was going to be sent to a concentration camp in the US," they would look at me like, "Ummmm, what?" I assumed that nobody else really thought these things. But evidently they do, because I did, in fact, read it on some conspiracy theory website, and someone did, in fact, tell me last year that her son with Schizophrenia has the same delusion. But, no, FEMA is not building concentration camps.

Remember that.

Congratulations to everyone who, like me, voted for Barack Obama!! We did it.
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