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What is a good gift for my 25 year old sister who is in the hospital with schizoprenia?

Posted by Nancy R.

My sister lies on her bed all day in the dark.  She is not allowed outside because she is in against her will and they fear she will bolt.  (She had been found trying to drown herself.)  She is an intelligent, well-read person but is bored out of her mind in this small town hospital which has no services to offer her.  There is a long wait to transfer to a hospital with things for her to do during the day.   She is a spiritual person but I believe she has lost all hope.  It is so hard to love someone so deeply but not be able to connect in any way or help alleviate the misery.  Can someone with schizophrenia give me an insider view of what was helpful to them when they were "imprisoned" in the hospital? Is there anything one can do to help even in a small way?
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