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Victory at Last

Posted Feb 25 2010 12:00am
Beat the veteran computer player in Scrabble , my first word was a Bingo (I used all seven letters) and my final score was 407. It is my second highest score so far. My next goal is to get close to, if not to, 500 points. Months ago, I kept losing and losing to the veteran, so I decided that I would play the intermediate until I beat him/her 100 times. I succeeded and found that since then I've improved quite a bit. I only played one tournament on the computer though, it is timed and most of the time I don't feel like having the pressure of a timed game. Playing Scrabble is a great way to pass the time, especially when the cable is out/turned off.

For Christmas, I got the Diamond edition of Scrabble. It is portable, the board rotates, and the blank tiles are not blank- they have a silver diamond print on them. I've brought it to the library to play against my boyfriend.

We are supposed to get some snow overnight. I am sick of all the crappy weather and I can't wait for Spring to arrive.

My psychiatrist is lowering my antipsychotic because of my dry mouth and dry eye issues. I will go back to the dose I was on before I last went to the hospital. I have to pay attention to my anxiety levels and my sleep quality. I wish I never lost my ability to sleep without meds.
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