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Things I wish I could tell my mother (and negative people in general)

Posted Jul 03 2011 12:00am
1. I'm sorry you're miserable around the clock. Your constant need to vent your misery to everyone around you spreads the wealth. So, thanks for that.

2. I'm sorry the world doesn't revolve around your happiness. If you need to leave your job every two months for twenty years, and get a new one, then perhaps there is an issue you need to deal with related to yourself and not the other people at every place you ever work. Just a thought.

3. I'm sorry you hate the world. I wish you could see the beauty that I find in it every day. I feel sorry for you that you have blinders on and can only see everything wrong with everything. It must be hard to live like that. This is one of the reasons I make efforts to be there for you. I know you're miserable. It would be nice if you tried, just once in a while to see something good in something. Just once in a while. You might find life worth living if you could do that.

4. I'm sorry nothing is ever good enough for you, and nothing anyone says is ever right. I'm sorry that everywhere you go you spend your time wishing you were somewhere better, so you never enjoy the place you're actually at. It must be hard to live like that.

5. I'm sorry that everything in your life is a problem, and you feel the need to constantly talk about these problems to anyone within earshot. It would be cool if you realized people don't always like to hear all about all your problems all the time, because the funny thing is, most people have their own problems to worry about,  not just yours.

6. I'm sorry that you alienate everyone you come across. It must be lonely when you do that. If you actually tried to do therapy, like I've been pleading with you to do for years, perhaps you would learn how to navigate the world without doing that to everyone.

7. I'm sorry neither myself nor anybody else has ever or will ever live up to your expectations of them. I don't know if it's ever occurred to you that maybe you don't meet up to my expectations either, but I choose not to remind you of this fact on a daily basis.

8. I'm sorry that going on a trip means to you that you're being ripped off because you should have been able to go on a better trip to somewhere else, and you therefore decide to spend the entire trip complaining non-stop about how miserable you are, because, once again, nothing is ever good enough for you. I'm also really, really sorry I made the mistake of going on this trip with you, and you've taken advantage of this opportunity to ruin my visit to see my grandmother by drowning me in your misery.

9. I'm sorry you've never learned manners. It would be nice if you tried to get some, and stopped being rude to people on a regular basis because you feel it's your prerogative to do so since everybody owes you something they never pay you.

10. I'm sorry that no restaurant serves good food or has good service or puts you in a good seat or has the temperature right or gives you free dinners since you think everything should be free for you.

11. I'm sorry nobody ever treats you "right" or well enough, because you are the perennial victim, the most victimized of all victims who have ever lived on the face of the earth. This must seem pretty unfair to you. I'm sorry genocide, holocausts, famines, floods, hurricanes, nuclear disasters, terminal illnesses, brain damage, murder, and other things that have caused people misery on this planet throughout the history of time have never entered your consciousness, and you never think about them at all.

12. I'm sorry you lack the ability to feel empathy, as you not only hate yourself, you don't like anybody else much either.

13. I'm sorry everything I've ever done or said in my entire life has been wrong and not good enough and caused problems for you, and that I am to blame for all of your misery whenever there's nobody else to blame around. You must be pretty pissed at me for that.

14. I'm sorry airplanes are too small, traffic exists, babies cry, neighbors gossip, cars break down, jobs are hard work, and life can suck. It's too bad everything can't be perfect for you like you believe it should be. This must frustrate you a lot, and your frustration is pretty obvious.

15. I'm sorry the world doesn't revolve around you. I'm sorry the universe doesn't either. I'm sorry you are not the focal point of everyone's attention at all times. You are really getting ripped off here, clearly.

16. I'm sorry that all of my 36 years have been spent being stressed out by you, worrying about you, being mistreated by you, or generally being blamed for everything that makes you unhappy, and you have never notice this.

17. I'm sorry your husband left you 22 years ago. You obviously should remain pissed off about this for life. There is no other way to live, I guess.

18. I'm sorry the universe rains on your parade all the time, and nothing ever works out well, and there isn't anything positive you ever have to say about anything. It must be hard to live like that.

19. I'm sorry you never have enough money and nobody ever gives you enough money for you to have enough money, life somebody obviously should, so you would be able to live comfortably continuing your method of never budgeting money at all. The lottery should just be given to you. All of the money. On a regular basis. Maybe then you would have enough, but probably not since somebody like Bill Gates might still have more money than you, and that's just not right.

20. I'm sorry nobody lives your life for you so you don't have to worry about managing it yourself.

21. I'm sorry you expect me, and the rest of the planet, to feel sorry for you at all times, forever, because you are the most victimized person who has ever existed. People obviously fail to have enough sympathy for you. I can't imagine why.

22. I'm sorry you choose to live your life like it's a death sentence to have to function in society, rather than choosing to actually just go about your day like everybody else without hating everything you have to do to manage your life.

23. I'm sorry you don't know how to have an intimate relationship based on mutual respect with another human being, and that the only way you know how to relate to people is to be codependent or to be angry at them since they never do anything right. I'm sorry you hate the world.

24. I'm sorry I've never learned an effective way to live with you in my life without being constantly stressed out by you, because some magical fix should have occurred to me by now.

25. I'm sorry I resent the hell out of you for all the stress you cause me and for the fact that you have never even realized you caused me stress at all or cared about whether or not you did, and you never will.

26. I'm sorry I'm not sorry enough, and even if I spend the rest of my life trying to be sorry enough I never will be sorry enough for you.

27. I'm sorry you create chaos all around you all the time with your misery and your anger, because even though you don't care about this, it actually does harm to other people besides yourself.

28. I'm sorry you don't have everything you want or think you deserve and you never will, and this is obviously unfair.

29. I'm sorry you have few close friends and don't know how to keep any friends. I wonder why that is.

30. I'm sorry you feel the need to use me to be your sounding board and proverbial punching bag, and you expect me to be your mother because even though you don't care about this, that has actually left me with no mother at all.

31. I'm sorry you will never realize or believe that anything I have written about you here is completely true. Because it all is. And you'd be a lot better off if you knew that.

32. I'm sorry the Brownies and the fairies don't show up to clean your house, do all your dishes and laundry and fix everything you've broken or destroyed in your house for you like they obviously should do on a daily basis so you wouldn't have to concern yourself with those things like the rest of the planet does.

33. I'm sorry the rest of the planet doesn't even exist in your mind except as the people who constantly persecute you and fail to meet your standards.

34. I'm sorry you're going to remain miserable for the rest of your life.
This truly makes me very sad.
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