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Stress in life and the plague of the privileged airhead

Posted Aug 13 2013 12:00am
I have been under a tremendous amount of stress. About a month ago, a tragic event occurred - as I have mentioned here before. I never said what the event was here before. It was a car accident, which was not my fault. The police found the other person at fault. The other person also got injured, and I didn't. It was a horrible experience, and I still think about it all the time.

Then, there is the nightmare happening at my university, where I don't know yet if I can return to school next week. I am hoping to resolve this soon enough, though, with a letter from my psychiatrist that says I was in the hospital last spring but am doing well enough to return to school now. I hope to have the letter in hand soon.

On the work front, things are not so good. My job sucks because of a clique of people in the office. The click is run by two, extremely stuck up, snobby, incredibly stupid, shallow, skinny, 29 year old, white, attractive young women. To be in the click you have to be, well, all of the above. In other words, no black people in the office are in this click. No disabled people either. No fat people. The Vietnamese woman at work is decidedly not allowed in the click, and neither is the woman from the Phillipines. Nobody but skinny, white, shallow, and stupid. And stuck up.

The clique runs the work place. It's gotten to the point where my actual boss allows the women in charge of the clique to pretend they're my boss and tell us all how to do our jobs, which are jobs some of us have been doing for YEARS and jobs the clique members have NEVER DONE.

The clique women aren't very educated. Most of them hold no degrees. I have an Associate's Degree - at least. I am working on my Bachelor's. But because I'm disabled and on SSDI I can't do a job that pays what the women in the clique make because I can't work full time. So I work for pennies, and they make all the money for very little difficult work..

The women who clean the toilets in our office talk to me more than the women in the  clique do, and I enjoy those conversations better. There are a few people I am friends with in the office. None of them are in the clique. Everybody knows about the clique. It has been complained about by other women for years. They called the girls "The Mean Girls" and they went to management about it.

Now it is me, going to management by myself, to talk about how sick I am of being treated like a second class citizen in an office run by a clique that shouldn't exist, and only does exist due to rampant discrimination including racism and ableism.

And what do you think will come of this? Nothing. Most likely the women in the clique already know what I told management because management likes the clique. That might be why they stood behind my desk today loudly talking about "crazy ladies" to get under my skin.

I am in no place to look for a new job right now. I need less stress in my life, not more. I am barely keeping my head above water.. But I'll be damned if, for a nanosecond longer, I put up with discrimination in my workplace based on me being more overweight, more intelligent, less shallow, and less pretty in the socially acceptable sense as these women in this clique and their boyfriends. They make me sick. I will not put up with this bullshit.

I kept my mouth shut for a long time about this. I've seen people retire early, transfer to other locations, quit their job for some other job, all to get away from this clique-run hell. But I will not be walking out with no new job to go to. I will raise hell before they make me leave my job I've kept for five years. They can kiss my fat ass.
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