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New Year and I want to move out

Posted Jan 11 2010 12:00am
Outlook not so good on finding a new psychiatrist. Problem is, most of the Medicaid clinics are not accepting new patients. I won't be making a change anytime soon.

It's a new year. I called Section 8 housing and the number of the applicant they are up to has not budged since last March. So today I filled out a general mental health housing application because I cannot picture myself living in this house for another ten years. I want to get a place with my boyfriend, but we are patiently waiting to hear from couples housing. In the meantime, I have to find a place where I'll be more comfortable. This summer will be my fifth one at this house and hopefully the last.

I stopped taking the Dalmane. Don't want to become addicted and am curious to have dreams.

Been sick with a cold and didn't go to the internship support group last Friday. Because of that and the Friday holidays, I haven't been there in a really long time. My job that they have me working at is something I consistently dread. I am basically a file clerk. When it comes to clerical work, I prefer data entry, and I don't get to do that at all. It is only two days a week though, for a couple hours so it is not all that bad.

I found out about a peer advocacy education program that I am highly interested in. It starts in May and I am waiting for the woman in charge to send me an application for it. I really want to get in that program. I am more excited about that than about my internship. Only thing is, I'll probably have to quit the internship when the program starts. It's still far away so I am not going to worry about that now.
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