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Never saw it coming

Posted Sep 09 2009 3:10am

I go for my Risperadol shot this afternoon at the express lane pdoc office. The hardest part besides the payment is his usual question "what's new?" What do I say? Where do I start? He told me he doesn't want to do therapy with me. That's okay though, I don't need his kind of cursing advice. I will do what I normally do and make something up. All I want from him is my shot and ECT's. 

My grandson starts kindegarten today. My God I'm getting old...LOL! I called my daughter to see if he was ready to go. She said he doesn't go until the 9th. I said that's tomorrow!! She said "oh". I think I should buy her a calendar. I was hoping to take some first day of school pics but we have appointments this morning.

I totally didn't think about my pdoc appointemt today. I feel good. I guess focusing my attention eleswhere helped me not get to bummed out. I worked on my friend's project for 6 hours yesterday.

No music this morning. Voices are few.

Food stories? I haven't baked anything since Sunday.

Margaret and I are gearing up for Halloween. We bought a 5' bulter that has a skull on a platter he's carrying. He talks. OMG! It's he's so cool.

That's all the eggs for today.

Live, love, laugh, learn, listen,


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