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Never Ending Appointments

Posted Feb 21 2010 12:00am
I am so used to being a file clerk now that I am starting to enjoy it. It is relatively low-stress, and the anxiety I had over it has dissipated. It is definitely different to be working, after being out of work for so many years. I am a little stressed over maintaining all my doctor/counselor appointments though. I have too many appointments. I have to see my case manager twice a month and she doesn't see clients on one of the two days I have off. I have to see my house counselor every other week. I found out I am getting a new one of those, which is good because my last one was giving me a hard time about meeting with her. I have to go back to the dentist to get my seven remaining cavities filled. I have to go to my annual endocrinologist appointment next month. And I can't see my psychiatrist and psychologist on the same day because of my insurance. Appointments can be annoying.

I have no TV right now; my housemates decided not to pay the bill. When/if it gets turned back on, we are switching to basic broadcast cable. That means the very minimum, like thirteen channels or so. We can't afford any more than that anyway. We are struggling just to get money together for a new vacuum cleaner, since my one housemate broke our last two and the agency won't buy us one anymore.

My oldest housemate, about 62, said she is going to move out in 8 months or so to senior housing. That will change a lot around here since she dominates the house. I still would like to move out though; hopefully I can get a place with non-smokers until couples housing comes through.

Even though it's winter season, I've been enjoying iced chai lattes from Starbucks. They put too much ice in it though, so I end up finishing it way before my boyfriend finishes his boiling hot coffee.
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