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Nasty Comments

Posted Mar 09 2013 12:00am
I spent time with four different friends in the past three days. It was helpful to be around them, and get out and do things. I was off work this week, but I kept really busy with school, doctors' appointments, the chiropractor, and things like that.

Thursday night I went to my friend KS' apartment for dinner. She and I went to the grocery store to pick up the food which her fiancé cooked. She is a friend I met when we both lived in a group home for women with mental illnesses about seven years ago and we are good friends. She is also the one who cleans my apartment every two weeks. The next day, I had lunch with my friend L at the Olive Garden where we get together every few months. She is a sociology professor, and she has two Masters' Degrees. We are both rabid feminists. She is also a former therapist, and she understands about my mental health issues and is really supportive. Then last night I had dinner and went to a movie with my friend KB, who I spend time with on lots of weekends and she and I have been close friends for years because she has Bipolar Disorder and we were roommates in the group home. She is a funny character and she likes movies a lot like I do. Then today, I took my neighbor M out to breakfast/lunch for her birthday, because she turned 65 yesterday, and we went to the Dollar Tree afterwards, which I knew she would like to do with me because she likes stores like that but she doesn't get out much. She is a really sweet woman, who always gives me helpful advice.

It's good, when you're having hard times, to spend time with your support system. I actually do have a big support system and quite a few friends. It's really odd that this person who is definitely not my friend has been harassing me and then claiming after the fact that she was doing it out of concern for my welfare, as if that excuses it, because people who are really concerned for my welfare don't attack me. And they actually know me.

I spend a lot of time alone because generally I'm more comfortable that way, but the fact is that I don't have to spend time alone. I have friends.
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