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My Antidepressant Decision and Update

Posted Nov 10 2013 12:00am
I decided not to go off my antidepressants. A little while ago I posted a blog entry about my idea to stop taking my antidepressants with my doctor's approval. I said I would wait to discontinue the antidepressants until I met with my doctor... I appreciate your feedback on this important concern.

Recently, I had a disturbing thought cross my mind and tried to erase it by thinking of happy thoughts, which worked, however, it reminded me of how frequent those thoughts were before I was on antidepressants. One major reason why I decided to stay on my antidepressants is because I think this specific medication helps keep my disturbing thoughts at bay. Finally, me and my doctor decided to stay on the antidepressant, but to stay on a lower dose, which satisfies me. I believe I made a wise decision. I will postpone discontinuing my antidepressants for the time being.

Lately, I've upheld a very busy schedule, and I am content with it. For me, having a busy schedule helps me stay focused on my goals because I have to plan most tasks more carefully and to follow a strict agenda.

For additional info on schizophrenia visit: Embracing My MindNAMI , Choices in Recovery , and Schizophrenia Society of Nova Scotia (Canada).
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