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Mania or Something Else?

Posted Jan 13 2013 8:15pm
I think I've been experiencing mania, but I am not sure. I think I am in a manic state right now, because I am writing too much about mental illness. Over the last week I've written more blog entries than usual. And when I've recorded all I want to share on my blog I surf the web for other blogs to read and comment, which is not a habit, although I've come across some good blogs.
Also, I am overly excited about a couple of projects to the extent that I cannot sleep or do anything else but record my thoughts and focus on the project. I am spending too much time on the laptop, and I know it but still I engage it. Writing is very therapeutic to me. Right now it is calming my anxiousness.
Lastly, my mood had been up, way up, and then down and irritable because of small disappointments and this usually wouldn't effect me as much.
I want to know if this is a form of mania or not, and if so, how to overcome it?
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