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Is this a Schizophrenia or Bipolar..

Posted by piscesp

I have been married for 5 years and in last 2 years my wife is showing some symptoms of mental illness.. I have taken her to 2 different doctors. But the unfortunate part is those doctors don’t seem to have any idea on what’s going on with her.About 2 years ago, she started with severe depression type symptoms... She was almost disconnected and went to acute silence. This went for couple of days. After that she became unresponsive, meaning she either doesn’t pay attention to conversation or takes her at least 10 to 15 secs to answer. This symptom is still around and when this happen she doesn’t look like she is depressed rather she is looking at face and smiling. Slowly, she became disengaged, like giggling or smiling even where there were serious talks.Once or twice she mentioned that she has seen someone or someone is trying to hurt her, she said she hears them inside her. And she thought that someone has put her spell. She went through following to different religious figure as if they are god and the other time she thinks they are the one who put spell. In past i have heard her arguing at someone at night (while I pretend to be sleeping) using foul languages. This happened few times and I haven’t notice that lately.She used to be good student but now she has been failing in some classes. Just for the test, once I asked her to do some course work and she took almost an hour to go through few lines.Now days, she talks about the thing that doesn’t make any sense. She blames me being abusive if I touch her or hold her or sometimes she says that I am becoming a gay. She blames my close friends and families are conspiring me against her. She is becoming very aggressive. And today in party she literally yelled at someone like "Don’t you dare to look at me". This is very unusual given that she is very shy person who talks less.Worse part is she is in complete denial and she thinks and she says that I should rather go see psychiatrist not her. And if i talk to her about it, she literally says we should divorce. Somehow I convinced her to take her to a doctor under the condition that I wouldn’t be talking to the doctor. I don’t know what she said to the doctor, but that doctor gave her antidepressant medication for a week.I have been searching through internet that what her illness. And got really confuse between bipolar and schizophrenia. Given above symptom, can someone point if what kind of mental illness is this. I am at the point; maybe since I haven’t got a good doctor, I am very reluctant to what 2 doctors are saying. 
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As far as the grades go, it means she is off-kilter. This is disconcerting to some because only a few manage to channel this sort of thing into extreme innovation, so maybe try to push her to become an innovator if nothin else works. Based on the symptoms, I would have to say that she has a combination of religious visions and schizophrenia which is defined in this case as hallucinations and negative symptoms. Here is my experience - several years ago I was diagnosed with depression and placed on an antidepressant which due to a 10% abnormal reaction landed me in the hospital. I trusted my doctors for awhile because I was seeing dots on my wall and thought I had psychosis. As soon as I took myself off the medications, I was and remain symptom free. Western pharmacology is very weak in the anti-psychotic/shizophrenic category so if she can feel stable on an anti-depressant then that doc is some kind of wizard because most want to suppress the brain if you catch my drift.

The situation provokes the response sometimes, and as I was withdrawing from Geodon I would get increasingly angry at my parents due to a feeling of stubbornness and defense for not wanting to go back to the satircally purgatorial feeling of being on that kind of thing.
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