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Internship placement and knee pain

Posted Nov 04 2009 10:07pm
I just received a phone call from the University I attended, they said they were calling to see how I am doing, but what they were really calling for was a donation. When she asked if I was home, I said she's not home. When they asked when is a good time to call, I said in the morning. I won't be home tomorrow morning.

The internship placement is going well; I completed my first week last week. It is very easy
"busywork". Clerical is not that challenging for me, but the way the job market is, there are more jobs in clerical than in human services. I can take the State test again in December and hopefully by the time the internship is over, i can interview for that job again. This time I am not putting down my college education, because on my last interview they flat out said I was overqualified.

Lately my right knee has been troubling me. I have Chondromalacia patella. I have tilted knee caps, which are not uncommon in women, but I have cartilage damage of my right knee. Basically, my knee hurts when I am sitting and my knee is bent to a certain extent. The more it is bent, the more likely there will be pain after a while. I get some relief by crossing my legs, as that seems to stretch out the knee a little bit. I considered surgery once, but they told me if I can live with it, I should live with it. I am going to an orthopedist and will see if I can try physical therapy again.
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