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How long does it take to see the full effect of Abilify in schizoaffective disorder?

Posted by EvDark0

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Hi There,

 The time that it takes for a medication to work varies greatly from person to person, and also from one medication to another. There are some people for whom Abilify, like many other meds, will start working right away with immedite benefits. For others, the wait time can be weeks or months long before the medication takes full effect. This is the case with most psychotropic medications. I have been on Abilify, and I could not stay on it due to a side effect, but with other antipsychotic meds that I have stayed on, it took several months before they were working effectively in my system. When the medication is working, you will have fewer delusional, paranoid thoughts, and less auditory and visual hallucinations. I hope it works for you.

Thanks for answering but the goods news is that the schizoaffective disorder was drug-induced and is now gone :)
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