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how do I get help for a family member that is hearing voices?

Posted by Lisa W. Facebook

I have currently been dealing with an Aunt that has auditory hallucinations. She said that she had tried to contact her doctor for three months to get an appointment but was unable due to unavailable space so they told her to go to the ER. We went and they sent us over to the pavilion (psych ward) which turned us away due to no space. She then went back two days in a row and was turned away. She called her physician again and was given a number for a psychiatrist. We went to the psychiatrist which took her off of her amitriptyline and put her on cymbalta and seraquel. She stayed with me for the weekend, still hearing voices but decided she wanted to go home. That night she wrote 29 pages of what the voices were saying and ended up calling the cops on her neighbor whom she thinks is "out to get her". The next day we called the pavilion and they accepted her. She stayed for a week. Upon contacting her while she was in, she was disoriented and paranoid about what they were doing to her. They let her out after one week and sent her home. Once she was at home for the night by herself, (because they said she was fine and gave us no other directions) she threw away all her medication ( high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid, high cholesteral, all in all about 13 different bottles and her insulin). I went to her house the next day and she wouldnt let me in claiming that she was now her twin sister and my aunt was sleeping (she doesnt have a twin sister). I had to have the police come and baker act her sending her to another facility, where today she was released saying she is mentally capable of making her own decisions. She is now staying with me and my mother (her sister) has come to take her to live with her because they said she cannot live on her own anymore. We are at a loss of how to help her, what our options for her living are, will insurance cover any a live in nurse or assisted living facility and how to get her to trust that we are trying to help her. She wants to go home and live by herself because she thinks she can hear our thoughts and we are plotting against her. The doctors from the hospital have not helped us in telling us what is wrong with her or how to help treat it and we dont know what the best place for her would be. Can you please help us?
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Does your county have a mental health department?  Sometimes it is best to start there. Seek a social worker first, within the mental health department. They can arrange for a meeting or appointment with a doctor. Can you afford a psychiatrist? That can also be a way to begin. Normal ER situations are time consuming and often result is what you have described.  You must find a fast track way of getting the diagnosis. After that she may be eligible for Social Security benefits due to being disabled. I know a family with a 37 year old son who has a disability due to the illness you are describing. It is a difficult thing to go through.
You have to contact the mental health department in your area and ask them about your family memeber condition. If he's in a bad condition you ned to take him to an hospital before his condition becomes worst.

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How awful for you all at this time. I know this is very frustrating for all the loved ones, but it is also frustrating to the one suffering. I advise you to see a social worker who can help. Also you need to get a diagnosis, the right treatment etc. Love and care for her as she will really need this from the ones who love her. This must be very frustrating as it seems as if you have been failed by the mental health system. Be consistant in finding the right doctor. One who has a heart for those with this kind of disorder. I pray you are all ok. X
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