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Good Stuff to Remember

Posted Apr 15 2013 12:00am
These past few months - even most of the past year - I've complained a lot here. So today I will say some things that have been positive that have happened.

Good Things About Going to the Hospital:
  • There were staff and consumers (patients) who understood things about me most people don't.
  • My dad came to visit me, which is rare for him, and he brought me flowers, which were nice and the fact that my stepmother and her daughter came with him was a downside that didn't have to ruin the fact that my dad visited me.
My friend Kathy, my brother, my sister, my mom, my friends Don and Judy, all also came to visit me. They sometimes brought me a few bucs for the soda machine, which was a huge plus because, obviously, Diet Coke helps me survive!
  • My mom brought me a beautiful bouquet of multi-colored daisies (my favorite flower).
  • I met some people I might keep in touch with, and even if we don't keep in touch it was nice to meet them.
  • I got nearly three weeks off my job, and I didn't get fired for it.
  • I took a shower every day, woke up early every morning, and ate three meals per day.
  • The psychiatrist wrote a special order allowing me to listen to music via headphones in my room so that I could drown out the voices.
  • Every day at the hospital inpatient, and now outpatient, I hear about other people's problems which I am grateful I do not have.
  • Things to be grateful for in general: I wasn't in Boston today. I've never been in a bombing.   Reasons to have hope:  
  • I can still finish college
  • I am not dead.
  • I have this blog to write in.
  • Members of my NAMI family sent me a nice card to let me know they care. They're very kind people.
  • My mom and my brother fed my cats while I was in the hospital, and now I am glad to be home with my kitties who love me like I love them.
  • I still have a brain that works, even if it doesn't work the way I wish it did all the time.
  • Medicine can help me.
  • Therapy can help me.
  • Educating myself about my illness has already helped e a lot.
  • I have friends even though I'm an introvert.
  • Things eventually get better most of the time
  • When I am psychotic, I am aware of it and I can fight it.
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