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Back to the shot

Posted Mar 07 2013 12:00am
I saw my doctor this morning, my psychiatrist I mean. I explained how badly things had gotten since I had my Risperdal Consta reduced a couple months ago. She increased it a little. Not as much as to what it used to be but a little more than what it was so I'm not going off it anymore. I'm not sure I care that much about losing weight right now anymore. I just want my sanity. I just want to be able to read and think. So I'm willing to go back on a higher dosage again of that damn shot. I got it today. I see the doctor again in a couple weeks.

She told me to take Artane because my habit of rocking back and forth is a side effect that would likely be alleviated if I would take my Artane which I never take. I don't take it because it's unnecessary, and I'm on like 16 meds.

After I saw the doctor I got my nails done again because I'm off work this week and I wanted to do something enjoyable (yesterday I went to school and an Alanon meeting).
The nails look nice.

Then I went to my friend's house for dinner. Her fiancé cooked for us. I decided to skip the NAMI meeting and spend time with my friend because I thought it would be good for me.

Tomorrow I'm having lunch with another friend and later I'm supposed to be going to the movies with my other friend, so that will make three friends I've seen in one week which is some kind of record for me.

I'm off work all this week, because it's spring break at the college I work for, so that is why I am doing these things. It is also good for me to do them,  I think.

Someone who reads my blog wrote me a nasty message yesterday which was really weird. In the seven years I've had this blog, nobody has ever attacked me for writing it before, and I have no idea what this person's problem is. Most people who read my blog are supportive and kind. If you don't like it, why read it? She is also my Facebook friend so she told me that she doesn't understand why I posted about my mental illness on Facebook. Why not? I didn't know I was supposed to be ashamed of it. I thought this was 2013. She accused me of not wanting people's feedback, which is totally ridiculous, as I have always paid close attention to the feedback I've gotten in the comments here, and I've always been a person who listens to feedback, all my life, so this person who barely knows me doesn't really know me well at all. The people on Facebook were all telling me to drop my class, and unfortunately none of these people knows my situation, which is that I cannot drop a class. I am on a probationary status with financial aid already from having dropped too many classes in the past, therefore if I drop a class I will not only have to repay my financial aid for this year, but I will also never get financial aid again, and I will not be able to appeal that at all because I already did appeal it. That is a fact. I'm sorry if somebody who doesn't know the facts of my life assumes she knows more about my life than I do, but that is really not her place to assume.
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