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Am I suffering from schizophrenia ?

Posted by fowned


I am very worried about my health. Over the past two months I have observed a definite deterioration of my mental state, and have started to get frequent mild head pains and sharp cold feelings in my head which only last a few seconds. I have experienced a lot of muscle spasms as well, like twitching legs and arms occasionally, but more frequently than would be considered normal.

Also some abdominal pain, in various regions, some neck pain, and a slight numbness on the left side of my thumb on my right hand, which could quite possibly be from an injury sustained whilst drunk, however, I think along with my symptoms, it is applicable.

I have been hearing voices on occasions, but only when I am by myself in my room. I have been a chronic smoker of cannabis for the last 2 years, and am assuming that will probably be the root cause of my instability, but would like to hear the ideas of a professional after reading my symptoms.

I am 18 years old, and am in the 6th form of my college. After recieving my A2 grades this summer and discovering I would have to continue another year at my college, that is when the pains started.

I have never suffered from any form of stress, or anxiety previously to this, but find myself ever increasingly anxious about my health currently. After typing in my symptoms on many search engines, they have told me that a brain tumour is a possibility, which has majorly intensified my anxiety.

In my family, there is no real history of mental illness, however I believe I am the first member of my family to really smoke cannabis, and as it can be a trigger to latent conditions, I believe this provides little evidence to disprove schizophrenia as a possible cause of my symptoms. However, I am not aware of schizophrenia inducing head pain or twitching or arms and legs...

 I would really appreciate the opinion of a health professional, but am loathed to visit a GP, as being diagnosed with schizophrenia would really dash my intentions of becoming a biochemist!

 Thank you for reading, hopefully you will have some ideas.

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