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About schizophrenia.

Posted by dm

Hello sir, my 30 year old son is suffering from schizophrenia for last many unknown years. but we realized the problem in 2004. I have taken him to NIMHANS, banglore and almost all best psychiatric help in bhopal too. but he refused to take medicines and that's why nothing is working out. we have given him medicines without letting him know but that's didn't work for long, because he is very intelligent too. He have beaten me severely many times.. I didn't take any action i want him alright at any cost, but some days before he punched a neighbor, and police came to my house.. then I realized things are really out of my control. I don't know what to do? Now I want to admit him in mental asylum. where his schizophrenia can be treated properly. can you suggest some names of hospitals where i can admit him unless his problem is cure. I am all alone. I own my small business and that is the only source of income, so cannot attend him full time, but yes i can be there once in a while or whenever needed. Is there any hospital in india in which i could admit him almost permanently to get a proper treatment?? Thank you in advance
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