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crick in neck now different

ok so Sunday morning I awoke a horrible crick in my neck no big deal I've had the before.  By Monday my right should and arm were killing me.  Was...

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Mz. Bonnie Divine wrote on scarlettsgirl's Whiteboard. Oct 14 2009
scarlettsgirl's Whiteboard
Oct 14 2009 by Mz. Bonnie Divine

I cant tell you what it is...but I am going through the same exact thing today is day four. I jus been putting a heating pad on it and taking aleve. If you find out what exactly is causing this please share. But I dont believe its from the way i sleep, i slept the same way and on the same pillows i always sleep on. I DO NOT want to go to the hospital, so your help would be appreciated. Mz. Bonnie Divine




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