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It's long journey to health and fitness - and I'm still travelling. From adolescence and a bout with anorexia to 10 years of getting rid of "baby fat" from a later-in-life pregnancy, it's been a challenge. As a mom, a wife, and an employee, I try to balance my life - but it's... Full Bio
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Time to Say Goodbye?

I'm thinking of ending my weightloss blog. I haven't posted here since September - I just have so much going on that I don't do it. I make...

Cross post from SayreSmiles: The Eyes Have It

This post is about love. Love for yourself inspite of what you perceive of as physical flaws. I've had the advantage of already reading other...

Very quickly...

It's been crazy around here. My husband had knee replacement surgery and has been out of commission for the last three weeks. Even before the...

Ya'll must be wondering...

... if I'm still alive, if I've given up, if I'm secretly succeeding beyond my wildest dreams! The answer to number one is yes, numbers two...

Danger! Danger, Will Robinson!

I suppose this is good information to have, as it completely blindsided me this week. I have found the food that I must avoid at all costs...

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Jun 07 2010 by Juvelyn B.

small liver symptoms


Jun 07 2010 by Juvelyn B.

small liver with increased parenchymal echogenety


Sep 23 2009 by dotnfl

I've lost 22 pounds.  I weighed in today.  My doctor is very happy. We will see what the numbers say next week when I get the blood work results.



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