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I'm a 40 something struggling with weight issues. I'm a recovering alcoholic with close to 10 years sobriety and attend regular 12 step meetings. I have lost 60 pounds then regained 19 of them and now struggle to get back to the determination I had up until 4-6 weeks ago.  I would like to... Full Bio
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Primal Update

Well I think it's time I play catch up with you all.  I am as of this morning 12 pounds less than I was at my previous post in September, not too...

Progress Report

Almost 5 months into Paleo or shall I say in my case Primal and I'm at my lowest weight (236 lbs) since I started gaining weight in 2006.  This is...

Paleo Check In

I am at 251 lbs, which is the lowest I've been since 2009.  I'm just 2 pounds away from the glorious 240's (did I really just say that?) but more...

I haven't updated since May bu ...

I haven't updated since May but I'm still eating paleo.  I have lost 32 pounds, 10 since my May 21st post.  I have dropped salad dressing and...

Paleo update

This is my 3rd week on the paleo/primal life style.  I love it.  Its easy, it's effective (I've lost 22 pounds) and it's tasty.  So much makes...

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