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I am trying out this new technology… Updating my blog from my mobile phone. If it works well then I might be able to continue doing my blog. A...


All day I am fighting this intense exhaustion.  All night I struggle falling asleep.  The sky is overcast with a brilliant orange glow. ...


I haven’t written in a very long time.  I go through phases where I simply have no energy to write.  Also, I go through long phases...


It;s no shocker that I have insomnia.  My doctor has actually given up on me.  I am going to confront him tomorrow about this issue. ...

LA/Hollywd 11/14 Support Group

The Los Angeles/Hollywood Chronic Pain Support Group Meet someone JUST LIKE YOU. WHEN: Saturday, November 14th, 2009 from...

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Dreamweaver1019 wrote on Sasha ..'s Whiteboard. May 24 2010
Sasha .. posted PUMP FOR PANCREATITIS Dec 18 2009
Sasha ..'s Whiteboard
May 24 2010 by Dreamweaver1019

Hey Sasha, I just friended you.  I am a victim of Prednisone and know exactly about the gaining weight part of this nasty little pill.  I hate it.

I have COPD, so everytime I get a sniffle they give me "P", they say they haven't got an alternative drug, meanwhile I'm eating the house it at all possible.

How do we stop the insanity?  Give me a holler & let me know if you have any ideas.


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